Idaho Small Business Symposium (ISBS)

America’s SBDC Idaho presents “Idaho Small Business Symposium” (ISBS) formerly the IBOC 

ptac4The ISBS will be held on Thursday, March 23, 2017 in Coeur d’Alene at the CDA Spa and Resort, 115 S 2nd Street.  800.664.7278.

Registration is now open.  Please register here

The cost for this year’s symposium is $90.00 per person which is due at the time of registration.  Payment can be made by VISA, MC or Discover or a check in the amount of $90 can be mailed to Idaho PTAC, Attn: 2017 Symposium, 2360 W University Drive, Boise, ID 83725-1655.  We are still receiving registrations from various Agencies. A complete listing will be posted to this site in early March 2017. 

ptac3An agenda will also be posted at that time.  If you have any questions or need more information, please call Lee Velten 208.426.1742.   Click the following link for a downloadable/printable version of the symposium flyer:  2017-isbs-agency-brochure

If you are interested in government contracting for your small business, click HERE  for more information.

Comments from previous attendees:

  • The Idaho Small Business Symposium provides a terrific opportunity for INL to meet with a diverse and capable group of small business suppliers from our own backyard. Connections we make at this outreach event support our goal of doing business with Idahoans. This is one event we won’t miss. Stacey Francis, Idaho National Laboratory, SBPM
  • The Idaho Small Business Symposium provides the best one-day opportunity for small businesses in Idaho to network with larger corporations and government agencies. As a small business with limited resources, Portage relies on the Idaho PTAC to provide guidance and training on government contracting and referrals. The PTAC truly is a service-oriented organization. Kevin Poor, Portage Director of Operations
  • The Idaho Small Business Symposium is a rare and extremely valuable opportunity to meet federal contracting officers and representatives face-to-face all in one location. The topics, speakers and opportunities at the ISBS are top notch! The Procurement Technical Assistance Center is amazing at supporting Idaho Businesses by organizing and planning this valuable session. Kellie Shaw, USFS IDAWY
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Southern Idaho Rural Businesses Recognized – Making It In Magic Valley 2017

What do these locally owned, rural businesses have in common?  Each one was selected for making a difference in their communities.  14 Magic Valley businesses, large and small were awarded as businesses “Making It In Magic Valley 2017” held on January 31, 2017 at Canyon Crest in Twin Falls. Megan Ronk, director of the Idaho Department of Commerce, was the keynote speaker.  Follow this link to read the full story about this award.

All 14 businesses were selected by city officials, new and established, as well as large and small businesses.  Southern Idaho Rural Development would like to focus on 4 locally owned businesses who were recognized at this event as “Making It In Magic Valley” in 4 of the communities that SIRD serves.  We congratulate you all!

First Ascent Fish Farms is a unique fish farm on Clear Lakes Road north of Buhl, Idaho.  Click the link for story this rural small business and how they’re making a difference.

Hatfield Manufacturing Inc. of Gooding, ID manufactures equipment primarily for the strong dairy industry in Southern Idaho including the following: Dairy Equipment,  Calf Raising Equipment,  Implements & Attachments

Check out their website and their Youtube videos.
Gooding, ID


Everton Mattress doing business as Therapedic Mattress Idaho – Filer, ID
In April 2014, Everton Mattress Manufacturing was purchased by 20-year employee Chris Sanders. Sanders took over the Filer manufacturing facility while the Everton Mattress retail location in Twin Falls remains under Steve Everton’s management and ownership.
Everton Mattress Manufacturing located to Twin Falls in the 1930’s before moving operations to Filer in 2003. Therapedic Mattress Idaho is one of 15 factories producing the national brand Therapedic Mattress in the United States as well as private label, university and contract mattresses.
1. Feb 4, 2017 story on on how Everton/Therapedic Mattress Idaho brings comfort to kids HERE.
2. Story clip credit: KMVT News) Full story link HERE.
3. Therapedic Mattress Idaho Facebook page.

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Finally, last but not least, we congratulate Buhl, Idaho’s own Clear Springs Foods.  Clear Springs Foods makes its home on the scenic Snake River Canyon of southern Idaho’s Magic Valley. Their Rainbow Trout are farm-raised in concrete raceways fed by an abundance of crystal clear spring water. Ideal growing conditions, combined with a commitment to quality and innovation, have made Clear Springs the world’s largest producer of Rainbow Trout, processing over 20 million pounds a year. story Feb 4, 2017 – Clear Springs Foods Helps Feed the Hungry

Congratulations to all 14 of the “Making it in the Magic Valley” award winners:

  • Agri-Service – Twin Falls/Kimberly, is a farm equipment dealership selling machinery, parts and service support
  • Barclay Mechanical and Crane – Paul, is a manufacturing company and mechanical shop, welding shop and crane service
  • Clear Springs Foods – Buhl, hatches, raises, processes and ships rainbow trout
  • DOT Foods – Burley, redistributes food from manufacturers to stores, which allows stores to purchase smaller quantities
  • Everton Mattress “doing business as” Therapedic Mattress Idaho – Filer, is one of 15 factories licensed to produce the Therapedic Mattress brand in the U.S.
  • Fabri-Kal – Burley, makes a plant-based line of food service packaging products including yogurt cups and containers used by fast food restaurants
  • First Ascent Fish Farm – Buhl, raises tilapia, and ships tilapia, sturgeon, shrimp and oysters to and from Seattle
  • Glanbia Foods – Twin Falls, is the world’s leading producer of American-style cheese
  • Hatfield Manufacturing – Gooding, specializes in dairy and livestock handling equipment
  • Herrett Stocks –  Twin Falls, manufactures custom-made handgun stocks
  • Idaho Milk Products –  Jerome, makes milk protein concentrates, ultra-fresh cream and milk permeate powder
  • Mad River Laser – Rupert, is a personalization gift shop offering services such as in-house embroidery and laser engraving
  • Moss Greenhouse –  Jerome, is a wholesale bedding plant grower
  • The Sprinkler Shop – Paul, offers irrigation and manufacturing services and is the only galvanizing plant in the state

Photos by Pat Sutphin, Times News

Event Sponsors:

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Trout a key part of Buhl’s economy

A large part of Western Magic Valley’s economy is driven by Trout growth and export.

Source: Trout a key part of Buhl’s economy

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Artists: To Build an Audience, Provide A Romantic Web Experience

From understanding site visitor behavior to optimizing “above the fold” space, learn how to build an audience by providing a romantic website experience.

Source: Artists: To Build an Audience, Provide A Romantic Web Experience

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It’s time for eagle photo safari: January in the parks | Outdoors and Recreation |

So much to explore in Southern Idaho in the wintertime and the migration of eagles in January is at the top of that list.  Check out this article by Virginia Hutchins of the Times News as she takes you on a ‘winter’ safari to the northside of southern Idaho.  Highlighted in her article is a very popular eagle viewing spot at Wendell small business, West Point Service, a Cafe & Restaurant south of Wendell, ID.

Follow the link below to Virginia’s fascinating article and all the info you need to begin your eagle excursion!

WENDELL — In a pale winter sky, streaked with the first pinks of a new day, a massive, dark shape flew low.

Source: It’s time for eagle photo safari: January in the parks | Outdoors and Recreation |

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Gooding nonprofit pushes to renovate historic theater | Southern Idaho Local News |

GOODING — The roof on the historic Schubert Theatre is leaking, damaging nearly 100-year-old hand-painted canvasses and interior molding.

Source: Gooding nonprofit pushes to renovate historic theater | Southern Idaho Local News |

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Serving the Community With FUN! Crismor Farms Pumpkin Patch – Buhl, ID

smallPumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! And gourds, and squash, and Indian corn and so much more! We’re highlighting a wonderful rural farm in Buhl ID  called Crismor’s Pumpkin Patch, that has EVERYTHING for your Halloween / Harvest fun. You can purchase straw bales for decorating, cornstalk bundles, Indian corn in beautiful rainbow colors, craft items and there are more than 27 different varieties of pumpkins to choose from.   Continue reading

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Destinations in Rural Communities: How Will We Find You?

tallThere are many wonderful destinations for inhabitants and visitors to rural communities. Have you visited a rural community and wanted to know ‘the best place’ to eat, fish, buy local art, have a great glass of wine … and more?  Before social media, we all relied on chatting up a ‘local’ about their favorite places and that worked out very well for that time. The only drawback to that was that you got only one person’s opinion on where to go and what to do or see.  With the advent of Social Media, you can now find out just about anything a community has to offer,  how people rate different establishments, hidden treasures and out of the way, non touristy things to see and do!

We would like to introduce a new friend to Southern Idaho Rural Development, Colton J. Townsend of Tall Town Design.  Below is his bio and what he and his partner, Connor Talbott have to offer your small business.



Colton J. Townsend

Colton J. Townsend and his lifelong friend Connor Talbott grew up in a cozy little town in eastern Washington called Waitsburg (it’s near Walla Walla). They went to college together at Washington State University and lived together as roommates in the big city (Seattle) for a while. Colton worked at a corporation that provides websites and online marketing/advertising services for the automotive industry while in Seattle. There, he was able to attain valuable insight into how big players market themselves effectively online. After growing tired of the dull city life, Colton and Connor decided to apply the skills and know-how of online marketing to a business focused on serving rural towns (like Waitsburg, their hometown)! That business is called Tall Town Design.


Connor Talbott

Tall Town Design offers website design services and digital marketing consultation to organizations in rural areas throughout the Northwest. Their aim is to provide small business owners with a means to take control of their online presence and succeed in today’s digital world. They optimize everything to provide affordable and appropriate websites for rural businesses.

(Colton will be presenting an outline at SIRD’s next Board of Directors meeting on Oct 27, 2016 which outlines how any small business can set a foundation using FREE services to establish their “online marketing foundation”. After the presentation has been shared at the SIRD Board Meeting, you will be able to view a copy  here on our WebBlog – a link will be provided)


Colton’s presentation to our SIRD Board of Directors will outline a plan for any small business, regardless of industry, to prepare for a successful online marketing foundation. There are many wonderful destinations for inhabitants and visitors in rural communities that aren’t effectively communicated online. Their goal is to fix that.

Colton J. Townsend / Owner and Director of Sales / 5095926407

Tall Town Design



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Idaho Receives $1 Million to Connect Job Seekers with Workforce Services — idaho@work

cropped-idaho-dept-labor-logoThe Idaho Department of Labor was awarded a $1.09 million U.S. Department of Labor grant to improve the process of connecting dislocated workers, unemployment insurance claimants, the long-term unemployed and other job seekers to all available services. Idaho is one of more than 40 states and territories receiving funds from the Reemployment & Systems Integration […]

via Idaho Receives $1 Million to Connect Job Seekers with Workforce Services — idaho@work

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101 small ways you can improve your city – Curbed

The least you can do to make a big difference where you live.

Source: 101 small ways you can improve your city – Curbed

This is such a great article.  We can think of several of these ideas that some of our local communities have implemented here in Southern Idaho.  Check it out and be inspired by what YOU can do to improve your community.

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