Made in Dietrich – The Life of Acey Shaw by Geno Auriemma of ESPN Sports

This is a ‘Must Watch’ video of our own Acey Shaw from Dietrich, Idaho; small town coach and hero in every sense of the word. It’s people like Acey and all of you, our rural community members that epitomize what small town Idaho is all about.

KTVB News Article:  DIETRICH — In a town where the cattle population disproportionately outweighs the human population, high school basketball isn’t always the priority.

But a local rancher’s passion for the game changed the town of Dietrich, Idaho forever.

As one of the most accomplished basketball programs in the state of Idaho, the Dietrich Lady Blue Devils basketball team has been a recognizable name, not just because of their four consecutive state championship titles, or their attempt at a fifth and record-setting state title, but for their coach Acey Shaw. With a population of just over 300, the town Dietrich has become known for more than just grazing cattle.

ESPN’s documentary series “E60” traveled to Dietrich to tell the story of Acey Shaw, who, after winning the first of four state titles for the Lady Blue Devils in 2011, contracted a bizarre illness.

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