Murtaugh ID Has a New Elementary School

Source – Murtaugh Prepares for New Elementary School

The article above tells the story of Murtaugh, Idaho’s brand new elementary school.  It’s been many years coming and its this small community’s pride and joy.

Here’s an excerpt from the article: 

“The new school — Murtaugh’s first in 20 years — will be a hub of community life in the rural Twin Falls County town. And the vast majority of voters supported the project.

“We think it’s wonderful,” said Perkins, a Murtaugh High alumnus whose children also went through the school system. “It makes our community proud.”


Residents come to the construction site regularly to check on the progress, said Superintendent Michele Capps.

Check out the project from start to finish on the contractor’s site for this great addition to Murtaugh, Idaho;  Starr Corporation.


Only a few businesses along Boyd Street — the main road in town — are open. Others are vacant, some with boarded up windows.

“There’s not much building that goes on here,” Capps said, so there’s excitement about a new school. “It has just kind of brought the community together.”


Voters approved a $5.4 million bond in March 2014 for facility projects, including the new school and a vocational agriculture center that opened in December.”


From the school district’s ‘also’ brand new website:

“Murtaugh complements its new website with a new elementary building and ag shop. The school, which has taken just over one year to construct, will replace the original Elementary School building which will now be used for the After School Program Center. The new Elementary School will offer the best in modern learning technologies.

The District continues to offer one to one devices for students in grades K-12 and promotes individualized instruction for all students.  We strive to provide students with every opportunity for academic success and personal growth.”



murtaugh school homepage

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