Buhl, Idaho as Experienced by Castironidaho.com 

As we research interesting facts about the communities that we serve; we often come across webpages and blogs created by people who have happened through our small towns. This is the case with castironidaho.com, a blog about food and farming in Boise, Idaho. Cast Iron authors Katie Painter and Marty Camberlango cook and farm in Boise, Idaho.  Marty is the owner and operator of City Gardens, and Katie directs Global Gardens, a non-profit farm for new immigrant farmers.   Their son, Rio, was born in March 2012.  They like to grow their own food and cook together, and work on any number of other random do-it-yourself projects.  They also like to hike and visit hot springs in the beautiful state of Idaho.

This is how this wonderful article on their blog came about; a trip to Miracle Hot Springs outside of Buhl on the way to Hagerman, ID and an ‘off the beaten path’ tour of  the Buhl area where they discovered one of Buhl’s specialty businesses – First Ascent Fish Farms, LLC where they raise Tilapia from geothermal ponds, and offer shrimp and oysters!   You’ll have to read the article!

Be sure to subscribe too!    Source: Buhl, Idaho


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