Rogerson, Idaho – a History from 1909 to 2013 Compiled by Maureen Fleenor

As we search the web and visit Facebook pages that are important to the communities we serve; we often find things that are treasures to be shared with a broader audience. Today’s post is that kind of post.  We visited the community of Rogerson, Idaho’s Facebook page recently and discovered this jewel, posted on Facebook January 25, 2015 by Danny Reed.  Here’s his intro to the post:  All the photos in the album below were from 1909 thru 2013 as put together by Maureen Fleenor after countless hours to help document the long history of Rogerson, Idaho. Hope all enjoy. Feel free to share with others to help keep the history alive for future generations.   Click this link to view the publication online as an E-Album  OR you may download the album to save for your own personal history collection.  Click to download the PDF album here: Rogerson History Album



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