Southern Idaho History – Community Series – Filer, ID

We’ve been having a blast collecting photos of early Southern Idaho; along with local histories written by those who knew their towns best; you the residents.  We will be sharing in this series, a wonderful ‘vintage’ look at YOUR town, Idaho.  If you have photos, stories or histories you would like to share with us to add to this work in progress, contact us via this blog.  We would love to feature YOUR photos or stories in upcoming blog articles.

Today’s photo was discovered on Facebook and its a place I remember personally, so well. As a child growing up in Filer, Idaho, my parents, especially my dad would buy all of his gasoline at Filer Super Service, owned by Paul and Dorothy Turnipseed.  This service station was a C-Store before C-Stores were even heard of.  I remember the premiums my dad would get for buying gas there – glasses, toys and other items, remember the station staff washing our windows ALL the way around the car so clean and of course pumping gas for us while we remained in the car.  Oh for those days, huh?

Thing was, my dad and most others who lived in Filer, didn’t remain in their cars much.  They would park after gassing up or just drop by while out and about as this place was also a meeting place for the locals – they had one of those old soda pop machines that had the glass bottles hanging from rails in chest type coolers. It was always a treat for us to get a soda pop in chilled glass bottle from Turnipseed’s cooler. My dad spent alot of time there, especially during winter months when the fields were covered with snow, talking with his farmer friends.

Lots of memories were made at Filer Super Service for our family and so many others who grew up in our wonderful little town.


Below is the station as it looks today.


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