Rogerson Hotel Recovery Project Series – The Team & Early Photos

The Rogerson Hotel Recovery Team. All are professionals volunteering their time to save a historic and iconic part of Twin Falls’ history.

Our Team Picture  (l to r)
Karolyn Gaines: General contractor and historic construction expert
Brett Semple: Owner, historic Globe Seed & Feed building, receptacle for recovered items and salvage
Nancy Taylor: Chair, City of Twin Falls Historic Preservation Commission, team leader and point-of-contact person
Julia Oxarango-Ingram :Executive Director, Southern Idaho Rural Development, salvage expert
Tom Gilbertson: Chair, Twin Falls County Historic Preservation Commission, research and photography

Vintage postcard of the Rogerson Hotel in Twin Falls ID.  Thanks to the group of volunteers who worked tirelessly on this project! So much wonderful salvage was removed from this building for use in the future by others; before it’s upcoming demolition.

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Short vintage photo video of the Rogerson Hotel in Twin Falls ID

One of the items recovered: A fire hose (inspection tag reads 1947) with the casing and original brackets. The fire hose appears to not have been used during the 1964 fire that destroyed the third floor of the hotel, as it remains intact!

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