Invest in a Sustainable Local Food System

(This article shared with permission from Idaho’s Bounty Cooperative, 7665 Mossy Cup St. Unit B. Boise ID  83709)

Dear Idaho’s Bounty Cooperative member, producer, customer and supporter,

Fantastic things are happening at Idaho’s Bounty Cooperative!  We just moved our distribution headquarters to a new location in Boise.  With this move we have quadrupled our warehouse space.  This provides us with a proper space to accurately pack orders, more space to house product, and fantastic freeway access, which is important to a trucking company.  These advances will save us time, miles traveled and give us the ability to expand to even more locations.

In establishing a local food system, its critical that we discuss distribution.  For many years we shied away from our position as a trucking company.  We are so much more than that!  And while that remains true, its also important to recognize the role we play in the food system so that we can meet the needs that are not otherwise being met.  We are becoming a logistical powerhouse that brings the smallest farmers a marketplace in which to sell their goods and the largest farms to markets in which they would not otherwise have access.  Because we do what we do, there is more local food available and being sold locally.  No other distributor does it with so much influence in our community. What we are doing is so special, that’s what keeps us going.

We need you.  You can have no greater impact in creating and supporting our local food system than through Idaho’s Bounty Cooperative.  Every purchase made, every dollar invested impacts every farmer and producer in our network and all the ones to come down the road.  There are 3 ways you can get involved.

  1. Place your order!  Its as simple as that.  Use our distribution system to gain access to the best food around.  Whether its for your restaurant or for yourself, every dollar you spend with us is a statement that you care about local food in Idaho.
  2. Donate to our crowdfunding campaign!  This initiative is specifically for outfitting our new warehouse with the tools we need.  We couldn’t have gotten this new warehouse if it wasn’t for our investors, this is an approachable way for the public to make a huge difference.  We need freezers, racking, electrical work, pallet jacks, carts, and much more.  The best part of our new space is it has a 680 square foot room that we will convert to cold storage.  This is where the bulk of the money will be spent.

  3. Invest!  Last June we set out to raise $500,000 to lease trucks, get a new space, buy some equipment and reduce the AP lapse for producers.  We are almost to our goal!  We have just over one more month to raise the final $85,000.  Please email for details or check out our webinar here:
 Thank you.  For all of your support over the years and for a renewed commitment to us and our local food system, I thank you.
In cooperation,


PS. Please share this message shamelessly!

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