Fairfield, Idaho – Gateway to Adventure

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Camas Collage

Credit for City Information from Fairfield ID website.  Credit for several of the stunning photos of this area, Ross Mitchell.  Be sure to click the links for even more detail on this beautiful area.  Subscribe to Camas County’s Weekly Newsletter (published by Jeffrey Ralph) for the latest about this community HERE!   (http://www.theweeklybeaver.com)
Link to Camas County Site:  http://camascounty.id.gov/

Fairfield, Idaho is unique in the state; by being the ONLY city in Camas County.   Don’t let that fool you though; this little town is big on pride.

68355900Fairfield is connected with the rest of Camas county by the Interstate 84 near Mountain Home to the west and by the Timmerman Junction, State Highway 75 in Blaine County to the east. Fairfield is a vibrant small town in beautiful Idaho accessible through U.S. Route 20 that leads directly onto its main street, Soldier Road.

Fairfield residents love having a great time but also like to live life slowly and enjoyably. In fact, the town is popular throughout Idaho for hosting a few amazing festivals and events. Some events famous in Camas County can be explored Here!

The Tractor Pulling event is a favorite in Fairfield

The Tractor Pulling event is a favorite in Fairfield

One of the biggest attractions of Fairfield is its low population density. In fact, Camas County is called the least dense of all counties in Idaho. It is this seclusion that many residents of the city value the most along with the high quality of life.

It’s not uncommon for people born and raised in Fairfield to not want to leave as it is truly a special place to many. Tourists and visitors alike are welcome with open arms by locals and visitors quickly sense the isolation and natural beauty that makes Fairfield so special.


Credit: Ross Mitchell

There are a number of terrific businesses established in Fairfield that have a wider presence throughout Idaho. However, the majority of the city’s revenue comes from the busy local tourism industry that thrives most during the winters. Professional photographers, ski equipment rentals, sport shops, diners and bistros are a few of the popular business ventures in Fairfield that winter adventure sport’s visitors have come to love.

Photo Credit: Ross Mitchell, Photographer

camas flowers

Fairfield is famous for its glorious Camas Lilies

Most famous for its winter activities, the open spaces, beautiful landscapes, and the friendly local residents make Fairfield a pleasant place to visit during winters for its picturesque snow attractions. Snowboarding, skiing and associated winter sports are usually what bring tourists to the city even though it offers much more.

In the last census conducted in 2010, the city had just 416 people and a total of 109 families dispersed over a total city area of 0.88 square miles. However, this also means that lodging opportunities are less abundant than in other areas so do make your reservations early in order to enjoy this peaceful American paradise.

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