Hagerman, Idaho – Rock Melons, Watermelons, The First Horse, Trout and Sturgeon Galore!

There is SO much to learn about Hagerman and so many things, unique in Southern Idaho,  to this beautiful area along the Snake River.

Check out this link for a wonderful article about the Prehistoric Horse aptly named “The Hagerman Horse” on the history.idaho.gov  HERE

The Hagerman Valley was formed 15,000 years ago by the Bonneville Flood which gouged out canyons, moved house-sized boulders and left enormous sand bars.   The Valley’s unique landscape is dotted with innumerable, rounded, “rock melons”, some the dize of an automobile.  these large gravels bear silent testimony to the colossal flood that shaped and depositied them.   (Intro compliments of Hagerman Chamber of Commerce)

Hagerman is also known for its delicious melons; cantelopes, watermelons and more!  Many locals and people from out of the area make the trek to Hagerman Valley to enjoy one of their famed succulent melons. So be it Rock Melons or Watermelons – Prehistoric horses or trout, boating, fishing, hiking or a stay in Ernest Hemingway’s fishing cabin … you can find something to see and do in Hagerman ID.
Bonneville-Flood Bonneville-Melon-Gravel

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