Murtaugh, Idaho – Small Town Charm around Murtaugh Lake

News of note regarding Murtaugh, ID:


Murtaugh, ID is a quiet farming community located just off the old Highway to Burley, Idaho – Highway 30 at a bend on this U.S. Route.  Things are peaceful and serene in this community; with large expanses of wheat, corn, sugar beets, beans, peas, alfalfa, and more. Cattle graze in green pastures and a manmade irrigation lake comes into view as you are driving East toward this small town.

Murtaugh Lake West, South of this tiny farming town has become a true ‘destination’ for locals in Southern Idaho. The lake features fishing, camping, swimming, hosts reunions and more. A great place to enjoy a summer “Staycation” in Idaho.

If you are looking for much more excitement, then all you need to do is drive on East of Murtaugh to what’s known as Cauldron Linn.  The name tells alot about this place!  Peaceful is NOT how we would describe this destination for white water enthusiastics!

This town boasts a tiny population of less than 150 residents and was named after Mark Murtaugh who oversaw the town’s irrigation project (including Murtaugh Lake).  At this publishing, Murtaugh hosts 3 small businesses. Recreation and farming are the income producers in this lovely little community.

Video from YouTube published by Michael Rogers.

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