Rogerson, Idaho – Gateway to Salmon Falls Creek

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Rogerson, Idaho is an unincorporated community in Twin Falls County, Idaho. It is located approximately 18 miles north of the Nevada border on U.S. Highway 93 and about seven miles east of Salmon Falls Dam.


Rogerson might seem like a non-descript gas stop on the way North to Twin Falls or South to Jackpot, NV but don’t let its ‘blink your eyes and you’ll miss it’ look fool you.  Rogerson is known for its laid back people, hardy western culture, great fishing at the nearby Salmon Creek Lake and Salmon Dam and, the world famous Helen’s Café, also known as Rogerson Service C Store.  The store and RV Park next door are on the way to Salmon Creek Lake, about 8 miles west through sprawling cattle country. It is a family run business. Helen worked part time in the business at 85 years old and made some of the best berry jam and her famous meat loaf sandwiches; sought after by anyone who had tried them once. Her granddaughter has taken over the reins of the store after Helen’s passing, which serves as the local postal stop with boxes for local residents. Highway workers and ranch hands come in at a steady pace during the weekdays. With warmer weather, fisherman stock up on night-crawlers, ice and beer for the weekends out at the lake.   (Portions of this article are credited to WC Welding Blogspot)

The following link will take the reader to a wonderful historical view of this Wild West community, with photos and personal insights by the historian, Mareen Fleenor.  All the photos in the album were from 1909 through 2013 at put together by Mrs. Fleenor after countless hours documenting the long history of Rogerson, Idaho.  History of Rogerson, Idaho

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