Communities Toolbox

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Communities We Currently Serve

Agriculture Topics

Idaho Business & Economic Development Resources & Partners

Chambers of Commerce

Community Economic Development Toolkit

  • BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) Local First Toolkit (Sign up for access to many free resources.) There are also resources for purchase at minimal prices for even more tools. A sample of the resources on the BALLE site are as follows:
    • Case Studies on Making the Case for Localism
    • Webinars on topics like:
      • Relocalizing Food Systems
      • Measuring Local First – ILSR Independent Business Study
      • Supporting Independent Business During the Holidays
    • Videos – Agent for Change – Buffalo First / Ten Percent Solution – Shifting Dollars to Support Small Businesses
    • Local First Library

Grant Partners

Women’s Business Resources

Small Town Business and Growth Resources

Community Newsletters, Newspapers and More!

Important Articles for Communities


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